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Description of Live GPS Tracker

The Live GPS Tracker application for travel is based on the principle of operation of such a class of devices as "data logger".

Unlike standard trackers, the application does not send one coordinate to the server, but stores it in a kml format file. According to the preset settings, the file is periodically packed into the archive and sent to the site http://livegpstracks.com, where other users can see the traversed path.

Please note that the program is not intended for monitoring in real time.

To send data you need to connect to the Internet (GPRS, WI-FI or any other way to connect the android device to the Internet). But the recording of the track from the connection itself does not depend and can be done offline.

Answers to the most interesting comments:

"Is there a version in English" - no, at the moment the application is only in Russian.
"Without GPS does not work, Grosh price for such a tracker" - certainly does not work. This is a tracker for travel, competitions, hiking. To record high-quality GPS tracks with photos and waypoints.
"Does not monitor on the base GSM stations" - the answer is similar to the previous one.
"I do not see the meaning of the tracker in the tablet, especially if it's Wi-Fi, because it only sends SMS with data." This is not true. The tracker sends data via the Internet. In extreme cases, when the Internet is not available, and you need to send a coordinate, you can use SMS sending. Those. only in exceptional situations. And no automation - the program will repeatedly ask for confirmation of sending sms.

And by the way, you can ask questions and get answers to them on our forum: http://livegpstracks.com/forum/


The application is designed to work with the service http://livegpstracks.com, so you need to register before using the application.

To start recording a track:
1. Specify the login and password from the site livegpstracks.com in the settings.
2. Press the "Start" button (large green button).

The result of the application can be found on the site in the "Travel Online" section.

Brief instructions on the application on our website - http://livegpstracks.com/default.php?ch=soft&pid=andr
Detailed instructions for the PDF application - http://livegpstracks.com/LiveGPSTrackerAndroid.pdf
Instructions for the "Travel Online" section: http://livegpstracks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=341

If you can not install from Google Play, you can download the apk file from the application page
If after reading all the instructions there are questions - ask at the forum: http://livegpstracks.com/forum/ or write to our support service support@livegpstracks.com


- GPS-monitoring - sending data to the server for display on the map;
- Ability to work completely in the background with automatic start after rebooting the phone and self-recovery in case of unauthorized application closing;
- Record a full track in kml format (registration is not required on the service);
- Automatic sending of a track to the server by the given parameters (time, distance, file size of the track) via GPRS;
- Sending a track to the server manually, for example via public WiFi;
- Creation of waypoints with reference to the track;
- Photograph with automatic sending to the server and binding to the current track;
- Ability to give a name and create a detailed description for waypoints directly from the application
- Display odometers (information about time and distance) and speed;
- Send SMS with coordinates.
- Ability to run the application on devices without GPS with the connection of an external GPS module (for example, via Bluetooth)
- Ability to share a link to the track in the social. network, by email or SMS.

Version history Live GPS Tracker
New in Live GPS Tracker 3.2
Добавлено отображение точек на карте
Добавлена возможность создавать фототочки встроенным в приложения фотоаппаратом
Исправлены ошибки
New in Live GPS Tracker 3.1
Добавлена возможность просматривать и редактировать точки трека, загружать фотографии из галереи
Добавлена возможность менять слои карты (OSM, Bing, MapsForge)
Добавлена возможность скачивать оффлайн карты MapsForge
Добавлена возможность заменить пароль на пин-код с настраиваемыми уровнями возможностей
Добавлены инструкции по настройке системы Android версии 7 и выше для корректной работы приложения в фоне
Исправлен алгоритм адаптивного трека для сбора данных
Исправлены ошибки
New in Live GPS Tracker 3.0
Добавлена возможность синхронизировать путешествия с сайтом
Добавлена возможность редактировать все настройки путешествия в приложении
Добавлена возможность создавать фото-точки без запуска трекинга
Добавлен вывод статистики по путешествию
Добавлено отображение трека путешествия на карте
Введено разделение путешествия по дням
Изменен формат отправки данных на сервер
Изменен формат хранения данных по путешествиям
Полный список смотрите в изменениях в версии в приложении
New in Live GPS Tracker 2.6
Added setting for increased reliability of background processes The ability to check for updates Added ability to view the list of version changes Improved the mechanism for starting the application after a reboot.
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